It’s new but it’s old

It’s new but it’s old

The wet plate photographic process was used from the late 1880’s through to the early 1900’s. Many reenactors like having their pictures taken so that it appears as though they lived during the period they’re reenacting, which is why many are called “living historians.”

See what Wikipedia says about the Collodion Process. Essentially, the first type of photographic process was the daguerreotype, which was replaced by the Collodion process, which morphed into several different styles of wet plate processes.

For some reason, I favor the look of the ambrotype, but I’m able to fudge the illusion of several other variations of this process in the portraits I take.

David Corbett, one of the

David Corbett, one of the Balladeers in period dress of 1st Virginia Cavalry during the Civil War.

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