Launching The Who I Am Project

Launching The Who I Am Project


I don’t know about you, but when I was young, and between the ages of 9 and 12, there were not many pictures taken of me. It is an awkward time in a girl’s life, when she is not a little girl anymore, but not yet a teenager. Despite my having been involved in a lot of things, like girl scouts, and piano lessons, dance lessons, etc., I felt invisible.

The Who I Am Project is a wonderful way to celebrate these wonderful years with pictures of her that she will look back on with happiness and contentment about where she was at that moment in her life. It is designed to launch her into her teenage years with confidence about “Who I Am.”

In other words, she won’t feel invisible!

It is a joint effort between all of the people in her life. And it is quite the impactful experience.


These sessions involve prework for the moms and people in the girl’s life who love her, like her coaches, teachers, siblings and other relatives. We will be delving into who she is; what she loves to do; the things she is a natural ace at; the things she likes to be involved in, and the character traits that everyone admires in her.


But in the end, this is a family project and a whole lot more. The family and her teachers and supporters will participate in a wonderful uplifting experience, with this wonderful little girl as the focus. The end result is she feels supported, lifted up, bolstered in self confidence and self esteem at a difficult age, and this will help usher her into her teenage years.

And she will have beautiful images of herself to look back on and show her own kids.


Whatever your little girl is “into,” I will find a way to capture it. Sierra, above, is really “into” Superman.


Miranda, above, really loves the movie, Avatar. So I tried to put her in a jungle, swinging from a vine.

This year I will be shooting the Who I Am Project during August and December. If you are interested, please join our Who I Am Project mailing list.

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