Military History Fest

Military History Fest

Military History fest was an exciting event over this weekend, and I discovered that it’s been running for the past six years. There were so many interesting people, everyone was so friendly, and the wealth of information was mind-boggling. I took many pictures, and will only show a few today, I am still processing them.

There were characters from American history (such as the Civil War period, one of my personal favorites), but there were characters from other countries represented in the reenactment costumes. Women were there in old fashioned dresses and with their hair carefully done from many different periods.

  • There was a 17th Century Cossack
  • A Corsair with his pirate wife
  • Indians who had carefully detailed Native American identities (and were actually Native Americans, which was so delightful)
  • 1574 England Yeoman and his girlfriend
  • Ancient Greek 300 BC Actor
  • WWI General Pershing and Red Cross Nurse with him from WWI period
  • Culver Academy was representing with their whole posse (Culver Pipes and Drums)

And more than I can remember.

There was a Soviet Red Army display, there were performers on stage. It was really quite an event, and on Saturday night, there was a Military History Fest Ball.

I would have liked to have stayed, but my arms and shoulders gave out.

I will be adding some of these pictures to my online portfolio, as time permits.

Photos are available for print purchase at the pixieset gallery, click here.


  1. Looking for photos you took and possible purchase

    • Thanks so much for reaching out to me. I’ll get in touch via facebook and/or email.

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