The Tween Empowerment Project

The Tween Empowerment Project

At Shutterfest, I kicked off the Tween Girl Empowerment Project. I am passionate about supporting young girls through the difficult age between 9 and 12, that age where there are usually few pictures taken. This project is designed to give a girl a boost in self confidence during an awkward time in her life, and launch her into her teenage years with a good feeling about herself.

The Moms were so excited about what I was doing, I had a difficult time fitting all the girls in with the limited time I had available.


The moms receive a set of questionnaires that they are to share with teachers, coaches, and relatives. And I incorporate the quotes into the images I take of the kids doing what they love.


The girls themselves answered questions about them, and I discovered so many talents and beautiful hearts in these young ladies.


The print packages I have developed for the Tween Empowerment Project will give a family printed memories of their beautiful daughters during a time in their lives when few pictures are taken.

I feel blessed to be able to contribute to a girl’s life in this profound way. To join our mailing list for this project, <a data-sumome-listbuilder-id=”2bac72b0-2682-4856-80df-c4cdbb32ac18″>Click Here</a>.

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